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Can Two Hearts Become Symmetrical?

Normal Pov
     Walking up to the many steps of DWMA, _____ panted in relief as she took the last step. She looked up at the school and smiled, "it's perfectly symmetrical!" What she didn't notice was that there was a guy who had black hair, and three white lines on part of his hair along with a short-haired, short girl who looked energetic and a straight-haired, tall girl who seemed composed waiting for her. "Are you miss _____ _______?" the guy with the asymmetrical hair asked. ____ could feel her eye twitching, but then it stopped as she saw everything else was symmetrical; from his outfit, to the similar rings on both his middle fingers. She felt herself smile but then nodded. "I am Death the Kid, Lord Death's son, but you can call me Kid. This is Liz," he said kindly, pointing at the straight-haired girl who was now smiling at ____, "and this is Patty, they are my two weapons," he then pointed at the short-haired girl whose smile never left her face.  

"I never knew Lord Death had a son, but it's nice to meet you!" ____ said, in a welcoming tone. "I'll show you to my father's office, so if you would follow me," Kid said, starting to walk. Inside the Academy was even better, "everything is so...symmetrical! Every point of symmetry is shown in any spot!!! I'm going to love this school~!!" ____ said, amused. Kid looked back at her, eyes shining. It was the first time he actually looked at her and noticed that everything about the girl was symmetrical; how she wore a bracelet on each wrist, how her headband parted her hair. Everything!

He felt the heat rise to his face and turned his face back around, "It's n-nice to know someone cares about symmetry! Yes, father's school is perfectly symmetrical!" Kid said, sounding happy. Patty then said loudly something she shouldn't have, "everything's symmetrical except for your hair! Haha!" then Liz put her hand over Patty's mouth, but it was too late. Kid's eye was twitching already. "YOU'RE RIGHT I'M AN ASYMMETRICAL PIECE OF TRASH! DON'T LOOK AT ME!! KILL ME, I SHOULDN'T LIVE IN THIS WORLD! I JUST ASK TO BE CUT INTO 8 PERFECTLY CUT PIECES!!!" He said dramatically, already kneeling on the floor while holding his hair and crying.

____ chuckled and went over to him, Liz and Patty had already gave up on their dramatic meister. She patted Kid's back and said while smiling, "Yea, it's pretty asymmetrical, however! Everything else makes one not notice that! Since you do your best to look as symmetrical as possible, it's fine!" Kid looked at her and stopped pouting, she was somewhat right. She helped him up and then they were back to going towards Lord Death's office. "Oh right, ___-chan! Are you a weapon or a meister!? And where's your partner?!" Patty said, walking closer to ____.

"Weeeellll, I'm a weapon, buuut I don't need a meister. I can pretty much control myself well enough. Like making my hand into a complete sword and just using it even better than some other sword that isn't me. And I can also transform into a scythe, but I don't use that form since I actually need a meister." _____ said calmly while Patty looked surprised. Kid and Liz thought that was an unusual situation, but thought nothing much of it. Finally arriving to the office, Kid, Patty, and Liz said goodbye and headed for their class.

Stepping inside the office, ____ was still surprised of how neat and meticulous everything was. "Hello ____!! Welcome to the Death Weapon Meister Academy!" said a very comical Lord Death. "Thank you" ____ said happily. "Well, I know you don't usually have a meister, but if you collect the souls needed plus the witch's soul, I'd like for you to become a death scythe! I think you must have heard this before, but I'm just making sure!" Lord Death said, sounding kind and energetic.  ____ nodded. "You will be placed in the Crescent Moon class, my son who guided you along with his two weapons are in that class, so I'm sure you'll fit perfectly in!"

____ felt herself smiling wider. "Soul! Maka! Come here please!" Lord Death said, looking at the direction which a guy with silver hair, deep, red eyes, and a toothy smile was walking along with a girl with even, light brown, pigtails, and green-emerald eyes. "Hello, I'm Maka!" the girl said, holding out her hand, which ____ shook and they shared a smile. The guy simply said, "I'm Soul," while grinning. _____ looked at them kindly and said, "Nice to meet you both, I'm ____ ____." Lord Death then told ____ that they would be walking her to class, since the pair also had the same class. Walking out of the office, Maka turned to ____. "So, are you a weapon or a meister? I'm curious."
_____ then looked at her, "Oh, I'm a weapon, but I can use myself, so I guess I'm my own meister." Maka nodded in amusement while Soul said 'cool.' The rest of the walk, Maka was telling ____ about the many interesting parts of DWMA, while Soul said a few comments here and there.

"Here we are!!" Maka said, going inside the room, followed by Soul. ____ gulped and went inside to find a male with gray hair, green eyes which were hidden by the reflection of his glasses, he wore a lab coat and had many stitches on his face, and clothes. He also had a bolt going through his head which he was twisting. 'Completely asymmetrical,' ____ thought. "I'm Professor Stein, class this is the new student ___. You can sit anywhere, I don't really care. Unless you let me dissect you one day." the man said, a smirk showing in his face. ____ shivered, "just don't cut me into uneven pieces, that's all I ask," she said before going up and seating next to Kid, that was the only available seat she saw near someone familiar. Kid and ____ shared a smile as she sat down. They both heard a whisper that said, 'looks like we have a Kid junior...'  and they laughed at that, then stopped, noticing Stein-I mean Professor Stein's glare.

       Class was pretty much normal, and once the bell rang, everyone left the classroom slowly. However, ____ didn't know where to go until Kid, his two weapons, Maka, Soul and two other people stood near her. One was a guy with Blue hair which looked like a star, he had green eyes, and a star embodied into his shoulder. The other one was a girl who seemed timid, she had a long, black ponytail and had a star sewed in her clothes. "I'M THE ALMIGHTY BLACK*STAR!!" the guy with blue hair said, getting on top of the table, "AND YOU! MAY SIT WITH US AT LUNCH!!!" he finished, pointing at _____. "Black*star! Get down! ...I'm sorry, I'm Tsubaki, Black*Star's weapon," the girl said, smiling.

______ just waved hello at them both, and followed the group to the cafeteria, which had food from everywhere. She was mainly talking to Kid, but she also talked to Maka and Tsubaki. She looked at Kid, and felt a weird and strange feeling on her chest, it was getting worse and then just ran out of the cafeteria and into a bathroom, leaving everyone, mostly Kid, shocked.

Kid's Pov
       I was talking to _____, but she suddenly left, running. Maybe she was tired of talking to me. I mean, I'm completely ASYMMETRICAL while she's perfectly perfect. Perhaps she was tired of my asymmetrical appearance....sigh I hate  myself. She must hate me...

Your Pov
       I went into the bathroom, and looked at my deep red face in the mirror. I'm not sure what's happening.....but maybe...just maybe....I like Kid? Just at the thought of that, dark red shades crept to my face, my heart beat faster and I could see even my ears were red. Maybe that's the truth?! What will I do?

Normal Pov
       The following day, _____ sat next  to Maka instead of Soul. To her,  it was just to prevent looking like an idiot in front of Kid. To Kid, on the other hand, it was being ignored and hated. While ____'s heart was beating, Kid's heart was feeling depressed. These hearts are asymmetrical at this moment.

At lunch, Kid asked ___ to meet him in the courtyard, he would have to take the final blow. She accepted.
Once the bell rang, they met there, and nobody seemed to be around. "Do you hate me that much? I mean yea I'm an extremely asymmetrical piece of trash, but I hoped you of all people would accept me....I'm sorry if I was too annoying or act-----" Kid was cut off by ____'s lips crashing into his. He returned the kiss, although confused. They pulled apart and ____ hugged him. "IDIOT! I love you! Even if you are asymmetrical!! Baka! Baka! How could you even think I'd hate you?!!" she said, her face filled in red shades. Kid's face was also a similar red, and he looked at her, "so you don't hate me?"
She looked up at him in a 'are you serious way' and hugged him tighter, "of course not! I love you!"
"Say it again," Kid said, making sure he heard correctly.
"No!" ____ said, pouting.
He held up _____'s chin so that she had no other choice but to look at him. They shared another kiss, this one more gentle and kind; full of love.

"I love you," ____ mumbled.
"I love you, too," Kid said happily. They held hands and walked to the cafeteria, where everyone seemed to have watched their whole scene since they were blushing as soon as they came. "S-so, ____, what book do you want to read next?" Maka asked, trying to sound normal. They were fooled until Patty asked loud enough for the whole room to hear. "SO ARE YOU GUYS DATING NOW?!"

Their faces turned red in an instant while Liz tried to calm down her giggling sister.
They looked at each other and said, "..yea."

Their hearts were now a whole. They were beating in a symmetrical pattern.
Everyone knows how obsessed Kid is with symmetry. When a girl, who fits his image of the perfect girl comes to DWMA, he's left speechless. As soon as you see him, your heart beats faster, but a misunderstanding occurs, will it be possible for you two to be together?
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